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EU Waste Regulations


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations have been incorporated into UK law and as a result, all EC members have committed to reduce the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that gets disposed-of in land-fill sites.

All companies involved in the manufacture, retail and distribution of new Electric and Electronic Equipment have to take a lead role in helping to reduce the levels of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment placed in in traditional landfill sites.  This is critical as some Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment can contain a number of dangerous or poisonous substances which could have the potential to foul ground water and soil, which could possibly result in a danger to public health and environmental surroundings.

Under these new regulations, all our goods which contain electrical components have been marked with a struck-out wheelie-bin symbol on their outer packaging. This means that they should be separated from other household waste before being disposed-of.

Some WEEE-marked products can be recycled.  As the physical size and number of land-fills diminishes in the UK, if we take a lead role now in recycling these WEE-marked products, we can leave more landfill available for other waste which cannot be recycled.



We are wholly committed to reducing any environmental impact our products may have. We’ve introduced a new return service for all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulated products. This means we will take-back used products once you’ve finished with them and make sure that they are safely and securely disposed of. If you want to send your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment back to us for safe disposal then please post them to: Vape and Volts Ltd, 30 Chalk Farm Road, Chalk Farm, London Nw1 8AJ. Note: The postage costs are to be met by the customer.