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Keep vaping alive!!
I've been a heavy smoker from an early age and throughout my teens and twenties I smoked about 10-15 cigarettes a day. I have tried many times before to kick the habit but as life throws many...
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You've helped me improve my health
I started smoking at 13. When I was 24 my friend died of a stroke - she was only twenty nine and a really heavy smoker. This picture sums us up! I quit smoking the day after she died and stayed...
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I'm the proud owner of many a variable or unregulated mods
I've been smoking for half my life, that's 16 years, gradually working my way to a 10 box of fags a day. I had a Vape pen, didn't like the taste of it at all so continued to smoke. Until I came...
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I am a fan of shisha
The reason why I like vaping is because I am a fan of shisha, vaping is a more cost effective way of 'smoking' but without the harmful chemicals damaging your lungs. There are also a lot more...
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I started vaping about two and a half years ago
I started vaping about two and a half years ago. Before that I had been smoking since the age of 15. Ironically i came across vaping when I was looking into buying my first herbal vaporiser. I came...
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I would recommend anyone who wants to stop smoking to try it
I started smoking when I was working in a restaurant environment where it was very stressful. I began to have pains in my chest and made the mental decision to friends had began Vaping way...
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